Evolution timeline

This is amazing:


It’s impossible to even begin to imagine how small we are. Both the extent of humanity in space and in time. Somehow, it is incredibly beautiful.


Internet droppings

A small registry of blogs or sites or webpages I have, at some point, set up with the intention of actually writing something:

Actually, those are only the ones that are still live. There’s all the ones I’ve made and torn down previously because in the end, I didn’t end up writing anything particularly interesting.

Now, I haven’t updated this one for four months or so. I guess blogging just isn’t my cup of tea…


So, here’s what I’ve been doing instead of sleeping the last few days.

Lately I’ve been listening to jamendo.com more and more, and I’ve found some interesting music there. So naturally when I got the N900, one of the first things I thought of was making a Jamendo player.

(actually, the very first thing I had in mind was a Spotify player, but screw them)

After spending way too much time fighting the Hildon APIs and Gstreamer I finally have something I can, at least, show screenshots of. Oh, and I should say that without Panucci to grab code from I’d have given up a long, long time ago.

So, here are some screenshots of Jamaendo, running on my N900.

Jamaendo preview Jamaendo preview Jamaendo preview

Dell Studio 17 laptop keyboard in Xorg

My laptop I have a pretty big Dell Studio laptop that I use as a desktop computer replacement. It’s a very nice machine with good hardware support in Linux (if you can live with some closed source drivers), and has a gorgeous 17″ screen with a 1920×1200 resolution.

Everything has been working well, except that ever since Xorg switched to evdev the numpad on the laptop keyboard hasn’t been mapped correctly. I haven’t bothered fixing it since I don’t really use the numpad much.

This weekend I decided to try running KDE for a while, and installed kubuntu 9.10. When setting up my usual keyboard mappings – US, SV and caps lock turned in to another ctrl key – I discovered that there’s an auspicious -model parameter that you can give to setxkbmap. Digging around a bit, this command makes everything work correctly for me on my laptop:

  setxkbmap -model latitude -layout us,se -variant altgr-intl,
  setxkbmap -option -option ctrl:nocaps

Putting it up here in case someone else is having similar issues.

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