moving on

From now on, I’ll be writing on Right now that domain points to a tumblr blog, but that is all subject to change. Regardless, I am not writing more here for the time being.

See you elsewhere on the internets.


the iPad has landed

First attempt at using the iPad to post to the blog. It’s fiddly, to say the least. Using the word press iPad app. First of all, I keep hitting the backspace key with my right pinky by accident. Maybe I will learn the trick, but it is very frustrating.

Fuck the motherfucking pope!

Fuck the motherfucker.
And fuck you, motherfucker
If you think that motherfucker is sacred.
If you cover for another motherfucker who’s a kiddy fucker, fuck you!
You’re no better then the mother fucking rapist.

Internet droppings

A small registry of blogs or sites or webpages I have, at some point, set up with the intention of actually writing something:

Actually, those are only the ones that are still live. There’s all the ones I’ve made and torn down previously because in the end, I didn’t end up writing anything particularly interesting.

Now, I haven’t updated this one for four months or so. I guess blogging just isn’t my cup of tea…

The Road

Started listening to The Road. It’s an audiobook.

Written by Cormac McCarthy. He wrote a book that was made into a great film. No Country for Old Men. It is dark. The Road is really dark.

Sometimes, you read a book or watch a film that takes place in apocalyptic times, but somehow everything turns out alright in the end – the guy gets the girl, mankind is saved, there are tears and kisses and the rebellion won.

I haven’t finished The Road yet. Can’t see it ending well.

It is really, really captivating. There is something about it that just rings true. What would the apocalypse be like? What would happen if civilization ended?

I’m pretty sure mankind would not be saved.

It’s OK.