Dell Studio 17 laptop keyboard in Xorg

My laptop I have a pretty big Dell Studio laptop that I use as a desktop computer replacement. It’s a very nice machine with good hardware support in Linux (if you can live with some closed source drivers), and has a gorgeous 17″ screen with a 1920×1200 resolution.

Everything has been working well, except that ever since Xorg switched to evdev the numpad on the laptop keyboard hasn’t been mapped correctly. I haven’t bothered fixing it since I don’t really use the numpad much.

This weekend I decided to try running KDE for a while, and installed kubuntu 9.10. When setting up my usual keyboard mappings – US, SV and caps lock turned in to another ctrl key – I discovered that there’s an auspicious -model parameter that you can give to setxkbmap. Digging around a bit, this command makes everything work correctly for me on my laptop:

  setxkbmap -model latitude -layout us,se -variant altgr-intl,
  setxkbmap -option -option ctrl:nocaps

Putting it up here in case someone else is having similar issues.

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